One of My Favorites Just Went On Sale

I love this necklace. It was so easy to create, but it makes a bold statement. And now…it’s on sale!

Red Hot Bamboo Coral Sticks Necklace

Red Hot Bamboo Coral Sticks Necklace

I love the color and the way the necklace just takes a shape all its own, depending on the direction the coral is facing.

Want me? Give me a click.

Plus, the coral is so interesting and unique. Not one piece is an exact match of its neighbor.

Want me? Give me a click.

Can you imagine how exceptionally fly this necklace is going to look with summer dresses?

Hmmm. Maybe I should keep it… 😉

Nah, I won’t be selfish. This one is waiting for you right here.

2 thoughts on “One of My Favorites Just Went On Sale

  1. This is such a gorgeous piece… The color, shapes, texture… so beautiful. I have olive skin, so I have to stay away from certain colors, but red works for me, especially reds within cool tones. And I look best in more striking exotic pieces. Cute is not a word that applies to me, or the things I wear unless I’m being ironic. I love your work, so much of it has a goddess quality to it. Do u have any advice for fledgling beaders? I have a small case of gorgeous stones, and I dip into it every once in a while, lately to make things for my mom, who is always fun to make things for because, aside from the fact that hand-made gifts hold an extra sense of beauty for her when made by her children, she has the english/irish coloring. Whereas I take after the italian/ greek side of the family. So it’s a fun creative adventure to make things that mirror her style, so different from my own, but also allows me to use colors that absolutely do not work for me personally. And that fabulous agate necklace, I love agates. Talk soon, xx

    • Thank you, again, for your kind words. To keep my creative juices flowing, I look through store catalogs, magazines like Lucky and sites like Pinterest. I have an inspiration board in my workroom where I post photos of my favorite fashions, jewelry and color combinations (since you love agates, you should check out my “This is Going to Inspire a Design” board on Pinterest. I have some fabulous ones saved there). I also am a fan of shows like Downton Abbey, Spartacus, the Tudors, the Borgias and others that showcase jewelry from different time periods. Then, I just open up my bead cases and combine colors and shapes until I like what I see. 🙂

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