Introducing … The Fiyah Collection

The Fiyah Collection Site PromoThe more I work with metals, the more intrigued I become when I witness how they perform when heated, cooled and manipulated into submission. In the beginning, I colored my copper primarily with a liver of sulfur patina that adds an antique look to each piece of jewelry. I love the look this process creates, but I wanted to explore new color possibilities.

Recently, I’ve learned to play with fire to incorporate new colors into my metal designs. You would be amazed at the lovely hues copper will produce when you heat and cool it quickly. Add a bit of flux (a type of gel glue used in soldering) and your copper turns to flames.

What better way to celebrate this sizzling summer. I give you … The Fiyah Collection. Enjoy!


This Jewelry Set Never Even Made it to My Store

We're sold out.Thank God for great customers! I am blessed to have many. One in particular is Audrey who owns so many Junebug Jewelry Designs, I can’t keep count.

Audrey wearing her new jewelry set from Junebug Jewelry Designs.

Audrey wearing her new jewelry set from Junebug Jewelry Designs.

The Junebug Jewelry Store on EtsyAudrey is one of those beauties who could make a potato sack look fabulous, so it truly is wonderful that she accessorizes her style with my jewelry. And, she looks great in it.

Sold out.I had completed this set last week and had finished up all the photography needed to get it listed in my store. Then, I ran into Audrey. I pulled out my phone to show her the new designs, and before I could blink, she claimed it.

Sold outSo, the set never made it to the Junebug Jewelry Store. But, it did make it to the right owner!

Thanks Audrey!

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