Make Them Bask in Your Sunshine

Want me? Give me a click.I think the entire northern half of the United States would agree that has been cold outside this week. To be fair, those of us in Cincinnati, Ohio, have experienced a slight spike in heat. Instead of the single-digit temps at the beginning of the week, we now are reaching highs in the low 20s.

I’ve never been a fan of cold weather. If I had my way, I’d be living somewhere in the tropics enjoying 80-degree temps on the regular. I’d love to wake up every morning and look out on beautiful blue water while I sip coffee and contemplate my day. But instead, I live here where I’m forced to face the cold for a few months each year. They are, without question, the longest on the calendar.

So, to brighten up these exceptionally cold winter days, I decided to create something that reminded me of where I’d rather be…on a beautiful beach along the Caribbean Sea. When I look at today’s featured necklace, immediately I am carried away to an island paradise. And, that just makes me happy! Want me? Give me a click.

The shell that forms the centerpiece was carried back from Puerto Rico after a trip to celebrate my sister’s birthday. So, this truly is beachwear. Only, this fantastic necklace will look good no matter where you rock it. The shell is framed by beautifully dyed jasper nuggets that I wired together.

Today’s motto is…If you can’t be in paradise, you may as well look like paradise. Get this necklace, and everyone will want to bask in your sunshine.

8 thoughts on “Make Them Bask in Your Sunshine

  1. Love the amazing colors and the wire work in this necklace! It’s beautiful! and yes it does make you smile. Thanks for sharing!

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