Meet the Rock Goddess and Vote for Me

First things first. Have you voted for me yet in the #MissHavisham Contest? If you have, thank you so much! Today, see if you can get somebody else to do the same. If you haven’t, please vote now.

The Rock Goddess Beaded Necklace. Did you vote for me yet?

The Rock Goddess Beaded Necklace. Did you vote for me yet?

Okay, let’s move on to my featured design…the Rock Goddess Necklace.

I have always been a fan of necklaces with contrasting strands. It’s not that I don’t make completely uniform designs, but there’s just something so interesting about a necklace that keeps you guessing from one side to the next. SOLD!!!

This design pays homage to the Red Bamboo Coral Sticks and Chain Necklace that was the first to walk out the door during my Holiday Trunk Show last December. I was so in love with that design. Of course, I never make exact duplicates of any piece. That’s what keeps this jewelry thing interesting for me. But, I will create variations of a design that I think is hot.

Miss Rock Goddess is simple. On one side, she’s a beautiful line of howlite nuggets in turquoise, yellow and cream. On the other side, she’s a dainty, decorative gunmetal chain. The two sides together put you in the mindset of Angelina Jolie and her leg dressWant me? Give me a click.

What do you think about the Rock Goddess?

Okay now…back to the voting…

Please do two things for me today. Vote for me. Then, encourage some of your friends to do the same.

I really appreciate your efforts! It will be the coolest thing EVER to win this contest and see my design in the ShopBevel store. Please help me make it happen.

And, enjoy your day!