Today’s Jewelry Spotlight: Feathers for Earrings

Warning..these girls tickle!

I once had this idea to dress up cheap, wooden picture frames with feathers and beads to make unique settings for my favorite photos. So, I went out and bought all these bags of feathers.

I quickly got bored with this venture. It was a messy job and not as exciting as jewelry making. So, I put my glue gun aside. But, now I had all of these feathers.

Luckily for me, big earrings are back! And, if the reality shows I shouldn’t be watching are any indication, the more outlandish, the better.

So, I figured I would make a series of earrings with these feathers. The first of the designs is the star of this post.

As I mentioned in “Just Giving It All Away,” my sister Shelly was the muse who inspired this design. She’s an earring lady, and I thought these would be perfect for her. I just never got around to sending them and decided they belonged in the store. I’ll probably just make her a variation for Christmas. But, don’t tell her!

To create these, I dusted off my glue gun. After arranging three feathers (brown, cream and beige) just the way I wanted, I glued them together. Then, I took brass wire and wrapped it around the section I glued to secure the feathers together. I used additional wire to add the colorful ceramic beads that make the earrings pop.

I have to warn you. If you are ticklish, these may not be for you. My neck is extremely sensitive, so I don’t think I could wear them. But, I see plenty of folks who can rock the feathers just fine.

And, these earrings are just so cute!