Protect Yourself with This Beautiful Onyx and Turquoise Necklace

Want me? Give me a click.I love when a finished design sparks an internal debate about whether it belongs in my Etsy store or my personal jewelry stash. I’m a Gemini, so the twins in me argue all the time about stuff like that. The entrepreneurial side of me won, and this beautiful piece was added to my store this morning.

I’ve been holding onto these carved onyx and African turquoise beads for quite some time. I was adamant that I wouldn’t touch them until I was “moved” to do so. The feeling hit me Sunday, and this necklace was the result.

To get the ball rolling, I decided to do some research about the meaning of the stones. Onyx and turquoise are both stones of protection. And, it goes without saying that they look absolutely beautiful side by side. Onyx has been used throughout history to protect against negative influences. In fact, it is said that the stone can help you walk away from a bad relationship. Turquoise ups the protection powers, especially when given by a friend. So, be your own BFF and get this gorgeous design! Want me? Give me a click.

My favorite feature, of course, is the wire-wrapped focal. It is made with sterling silver wire and beads wrapped around a single turquoise stone. The strands were completed with individual wire-wrapped sections of African turquoise and zebra stone beads. The zebra stones provide a final layer of protection, as they are said to be able to help you spot the true nature of those around you. Now you can stop the drama in its tracks!

I’d love to hear how you would use the protection powers of this necklace. Please share your thoughts.