She slays!

She slays!To borrow a word from Beyonce, Shelly slays in her new copper and Argentium silver extra-large hoop earrings. Who knew such a funky design could be created from a mistake.

The silver design in the center of the hoops were originally created as the base of another pair of earrings. I just didn’t like how they turned out. So, I dismantled them.

The Junebug Jewelry Store on Etsy


Then, I created these hoops and the center looked so lonely. So, I added in my silver pieces as accents. An Argentium silver twisted wire finished off the design.

Shelly bought these before I could list them in my online store after seeing them on Facebook. If you haven’t already liked my page, please do so today. Facebook and Instagram offer the fastest ways to see new designs right after I’ve finished them.

Find more unique hoop earrings at

The Junebug Jewelry Store on Etsy


After-Super-Bowl-Monday Prep for An Awesome Trunk Show

I know everybody was caught up in Super Bowl fever this weekend. And while you all were eating, drinking and being merry, I was upstairs in my workroom churning out new designs for my Get Yourself Something for Valentine’s Day Trunk Show this coming Saturday.

I did manage to take a break long enough to catch Jacoby Jones run the kick-off in for a touchdown right at the start of the third quarter. Wow! And, of course, I saw Beyonce doing her thing! All I can say is…you go girl! What a fantastic performance! Way to silence all the haters who have been gunning for you since the Inauguration.

When the lights went out, I took it as a sign from the Almighty that break time was over. So, I missed San Francisco’s strong performance in the second half. And, I missed seeing Ray Lewis at the end of the game. Bummer on that last point. I really wanted to see that.

But, I have to stay focused to prepare two new collections – The Wire Infinity Hearts and the August line for men – which I promised to unveil during Saturday’s Trunk Show. Today, I’ll give you a quick sneak peek.

Stay tuned for the Wired Infinity Heart Collection, which will debut during my  "Get Yourself Something for Valentine's Day" Trunk Show.

Stay tuned for the Wired Infinity Hearts Collection, which will debut during my “Get Yourself Something for Valentine’s Day” Trunk Show.

I also will unveil the new August line for men. Here's a sneak peek.

I also will unveil the new August line for men. Here’s a sneak peek. This simple design features African turquoise and zebra stone.

And, I have to share the soundtrack that helped to make these pieces possible. I’m a super Stevie Wonder fan, just like my entire family. I happened to come across this tribute on Mixcloud, and it proved to be the perfect creative companion.

Beatminerz Radio & Ego Trip Proudly Present SOUL POWER-STEVIE WONDER by Da Beatminerz (Mr. Walt) on Mixcloud