She slays!

She slays!To borrow a word from Beyonce, Shelly slays in her new copper and Argentium silver extra-large hoop earrings. Who knew such a funky design could be created from a mistake.

The silver design in the center of the hoops were originally created as the base of another pair of earrings. I just didn’t like how they turned out. So, I dismantled them.

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Then, I created these hoops and the center looked so lonely. So, I added in my silver pieces as accents. An Argentium silver twisted wire finished off the design.

Shelly bought these before I could list them in my online store after seeing them on Facebook. If you haven’t already liked my page, please do so today. Facebook and Instagram offer the fastest ways to see new designs right after I’ve finished them.

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This Jewelry Set Never Even Made it to My Store

We're sold out.Thank God for great customers! I am blessed to have many. One in particular is Audrey who owns so many Junebug Jewelry Designs, I can’t keep count.

Audrey wearing her new jewelry set from Junebug Jewelry Designs.

Audrey wearing her new jewelry set from Junebug Jewelry Designs.

The Junebug Jewelry Store on EtsyAudrey is one of those beauties who could make a potato sack look fabulous, so it truly is wonderful that she accessorizes her style with my jewelry. And, she looks great in it.

Sold out.I had completed this set last week and had finished up all the photography needed to get it listed in my store. Then, I ran into Audrey. I pulled out my phone to show her the new designs, and before I could blink, she claimed it.

Sold outSo, the set never made it to the Junebug Jewelry Store. But, it did make it to the right owner!

Thanks Audrey!

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