I Now Pronounce You a Junebug Jewelry Design

I certainly have my standards when it comes to jewelry design. Not everything I make is fit to have the Junebug name. Case in point is this design…

This necklace needed some serious revisions.

This necklace needed some serious revisions.

Generally, when I finish a piece, I snap a picture of it with my cell phone and then send it to my personal Junebug Jury of sorts. This elite group includes my mother, sister, cousin, and a few close and fabulously stylish friends. Their reactions, along with my gut feelings, confirm whether a design is fit to be a Junebug.

When I finished this necklace, I did everything in my power to actually like it. I kept telling myself that it was “different.” However, deep down I knew that “different” was an understatement. The final result just didn’t match my vision. I was going for a branch look and ended up with a weird “J”.

Since I was so uncomfortable with the necklace, I reduced the Jury to just my sister and mother. I sent the picture via text message and asked, “Is this too weird.”

My mother’s reply was classic. “Yes,” she wrote. “At least for me. That part at the bottom is just too much.” But, she did like the coral.

My sister said, “It’s eccentric.” She’s so polite. But she usually says much more when she likes something, so I knew she wasn’t feeling it.

Mom and Sis only confirmed what I knew instantly…this is not going to make it to the Junebug Jewelry Store. At least not without some serious revisions.

The Layered Chain Necklace by Junebug Jewelry Designs

The Layered Chain Necklace by Junebug Jewelry Designs

Thankfully, I made the necklace in sections, which made it easy to alter. The chain you see is beautiful Saki Bronze, which I truly love. And, I’m digging the layered necklace look that promises to be big this spring.

Want me? Give me a click.

So, I removed the messy, J-looking focal disaster and just dropped in another layer of chain. So simple. So hot! And the colors will blend perfectly with just about every shade on the spring color chart.

I didn’t cut up the messy focal, however. I’m determined to make something Junebug worthy out of it at some point. Stay tuned for that.

Before I let you go, though, I have to share this one last bit. I was at work showing one of my colleagues some of the cocktail rings in my collection. As I’m flipping through my jewelry photos, I run past today’s necklace in its original, funky-looking-J form. My colleague stops me and says, “Oooo! I want that one!”

Too funny! Just more proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, knowing that somebody loved it still couldn’t make the original design a Junebug. My trusted Jury needs to approve. And, more important, I have to love it.

I love it now. What do you think?

1 thought on “I Now Pronounce You a Junebug Jewelry Design

  1. I totally know how you feel about this! Sometimes it just isn’t what you had planned to make. And when you redo it, It’s awesome. I have a little box where I throw the “unfit” creations. Funny enough I have people go thru it and love lots of it, I don’t return the love. lol. They will be reworked into something new. 🙂

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