Kissed By the Sun

Want me? Give me a click.It’s no secret that I’m in love with coral sticks. They have a natural ability to arrange themselves in such funky ways.

Creating necklaces from them is super easy, but the end result always is amazing. Today’s design pays homage to my original coral designs in red. The version with the chain is such a sexy design (below, left). And, it was the first item to be sold during my Holiday Trunk Show last December.


SOLD!!! Want me? Give me a click.

These amber-dyed coral sticks were irresistible, so I had to make a new version of my old favorite. I paired them with gold-plated chain. Then I finished off the design with rhinestone balls, Swarovski crystals and glass pearls.

Want me? Give me a click.

Warmer weather is on our horizon. And this necklace is right on time, since you wouldn’t want to cover it up with a bunch of clothes. This is one that deserves to shimmer in the sunlight. Take a moment to imagine how beautiful you will be wearing it. Yeah, I know you’re smiling…

Want me? Give me a click.

4 thoughts on “Kissed By the Sun

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  2. I love this necklace it is so unique and unusual. i am sure that it will look different every time that you wear it. I love the way you have used the pearls and also the peridot coloured crystals. It is stunning.

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