Agate in Chains

Want me? Give me a click.I am absolutely in love with agate slices, because their natural beauty is so striking. You can always expect to see them in the Junebug collection.

Last week, I received a new shipment and just couldn’t wait to get started on new designs. Since they’re so gorgeous all by themselves, I decided to pair them with chain and leather.

In one design, I used bronze chain with a unique link pattern. The color of the chain goes perfectly with the agate slices. This one may already be spoken for by a customer who follows me on Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is where I post the first glimpses of all my designs.

I'm already spoken for...

This other design combines the agate with natural brass cable chain and brown leather cord. Again, the chain offers a beautiful contrast to the agate.

Want me? Give me a click.

This week, I look forward to creating new ways to showcase the rest of my agate stash.

Are you a fan of agate?

4 thoughts on “Agate in Chains

  1. I adore agates… The way the light comes thru them when you hold them up to the sun. The grain in them so much like that of a slice of a tree. The tones of colors. The texture in some, so in contrast with the smoothness of the surface that is most prevelant. What a phenomenal piece. As I said in another post, the goddess quality of your work… so striking. Every woman deserves to have an inner goddess shine thru. And so many of your pieces absolutely do that!!! I have always loved the art of self-adornment. Your creations add to that art in the way I wish more understood it. Brava!!! Keep the beauty flowing… xx

    • Thank you so much for those kind words!!! 🙂 I really appreciate that. I just got back from Bead Fest in Philadelphia where I took metalsmithing and wire weaving classes. I can’t wait to incorporate those techniques in my new designs. Thanks again for the encouragement!

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