Yellow Chunky Tribal Funk

Want me? Give me a click.When it comes to jewelry making techniques, none is easier than simple bead stringing. All you need is a design board (or not), some beading wire, a few findings and tools, and a beautiful array of beads. The possibilities for the finished product are endless.

This Yellow Chunky Tribal Necklace was very simple to construct. I’ll admit that it took me a while to decide how the beads would be arranged. But, I am in love with the result. The necklace just seems to pop against so many colors.

The yellow focal is a howlite chunk. It is framed by an assortment of pearls, glass beads and semiprecious stones. I finished it with 14k gold chain (as an extender) and a lobster clasp. Want me? Give me a click.I featured this necklace today for Ms. Pillows-A-La-Mode, who said this was one of her favorites. It almost didn’t last beyond my Holiday Trunk Show in December. But, my friend who was interested decided to buy about four other pieces instead. So, it remains in my collection with all of its colorful tribal funk.

And, thanks to the howlite, there may be benefits to this piece that go beyond looking absolutely fabulous. Howlite is the calming stone that has been used by many to relieve stress. It’s also said to have the power to absorb anger – either your own or that of someone else who’s mad at you. Perhaps its most interesting characteristic is an ability to help you connect to your past lives.

So, maybe you can wear it and have a conversation with your great, great, great grandma at the same time. If that happens, please be sure to let me know.

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