And…She’s Back with a Bib Necklace

Want me? Give me a click.Yeah, I know…it’s been weeks since my last post. But, what can I say? It was the holiday season, and I was busy making gifts, eating food, and running my mouth with family and friends. At least I was able to create some new designs during that time. And, you’re looking at one of my favorites today.

I have always loved bib necklaces, because they are just so interesting. And, during my days off from writing, I spent lots of time in bead stores and found these gorgeous Krobo Beads from Ghana. These beauties are made from recycled glass bottles that have been broken and ground to a very fine powder. I love their texture and shape. They were perfect for a bib design.

Actually, these beads are perfect for lots of projects, as you will see in the weeks to come. Later this week, I’ll pair them with leather for a totally new look. Gotta love these beads!

Please forgive the crappy photography today. As luck would have it…my return to blogging coincided with a mysterious problem with the lens on my camera. So, I was forced to use cell phone photography. I cannot wait to shoot this piece again!

It’s certainly good to be back among my WordPress friends. Happy New Year, everyone! And, may 2013 be our best year yet!

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