Prayers for a Troubled World

Wow. I had today’s post all planned out. It was to be a celebration of my wonderful customers who joined me during my first Trunk Show this past weekend. I was going to share all of the popular pieces they bought.

But, I’m sitting here writing and watching Good Morning America at the same time. And, I’m in absolute shock to realize that 26 people died Friday in yet another senseless mass shooting. I was so caught up preparing for my Trunk Show that I completely missed the news about this tragedy. And now, my successful show doesn’t seem to matter as much.

To add insult to injury, I lost my pastor, Rev. Clarence Wallace, yesterday. My family joined his church when I was eight years old, and he has been a constant in my world ever since. Thank you for being so much to me over all these years, Rev. I can’t express how much you will be missed.

So, perhaps tomorrow, I can talk about Trunk Show success. Today, I need to pray for my pastor, his family and the families of all those children and adults who lost their lives for NO REASON AT ALL. It’s a story we’ve been hearing far too often. And, it’s a story I hope we don’t have to hear again.

Today, I pray for peace. Of course, I mean our collective peace as a people. But, also, I pray for peace in the hearts of the most troubled among us…the ones who feel compelled to engage in such senseless savagery. I will never understand how anyone could be so motivated as to prey on the most innocent among us. So, I pray that God will slap a muzzle on all that anger and redirect it in a way that does not bring harm to anybody. This madness has to stop.

We can get back to jewerly tomorrow. Today…I would rather pray.



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