Bracelets: The Jewelry I Almost Forgot

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I love bracelets, but rarely wear them. So, I never think to make them when I’m creating designs. But, over the Thanksgiving holiday, my cousin’s new wife asked me to make some. And, I figured they would be great to have at my upcoming Holiday Trunk Show on Dec. 15th (“like” Junebug Jewelry Designs on Facebook for details).

So, here’s the first of the bracelet designs. This one features my favorite earthy mix of ceramic beads in coffee, blue and burnt orange. It’s a wire-wrapped design, which makes it stronger. Plus, I finished it off with a toggle clasp that I made myself using my favorite coiling technique.

The wire-wrapped design means that I can make adjustments if somebody needs a size larger than 7 inches.

So, shouts out to my new cousin-in-law for making me think about bracelets. There will certainly be more to come.

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