Powerball Dreams Deferred

Brass Wire and Beaded Necklace

Well, I didn’t win the Powerball. I, like a million others, had my new life all mapped out. I was going to use my millions to fund my jewelry aspirations and live in some fabulous exotic location that gave me all the inspiration I needed. I guess I’ll just have to snap back to reality and accept the fact that only dedication and hard work will help me achieve my vision.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to buy the occasional ticket when the jackpot is right. But, I’m just scaling back my dreams of yachts and beaches and focusing on ways to further hone my craft.

Sigh again…

Last week, I got a package of beautiful agate slices that I’m really looking forward to working with this weekend. I’m so excited about them that they almost overshadow my extreme disappointment that I’m not a half-billionaire this morning.


Oh well. By next week, I should have some cute new agate slice necklaces to share.

Plus, I still need to make designs out of these lovely shells. If I can’t go live on a beach, at least I can bring a little beach to the city.

Okay, so I’m finished with the pipe dreams of life-changing lottery winnings. I’ve got plenty of treasures I can make on my own.

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