A Red Hot Cyber Monday

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was as wonderful as mine! I started the day with the 6.2-mile Turkey Trot, ate like a champion and laughed until I could hardly stand it. I love my family!

I also SOLD SOME JEWELRY to a couple of lovely ladies visiting from Bermuda. It was truly a happy Thanksgiving.

After my successful impromptu jewelry show, my Aunt Kathy and I were talking about my business. She suggested that I incorporate more simple designs that allow me to produce more jewelry. I initially resisted because to me, simple is boring. But, I thought about her advice and then challenged myself to make simple un-boring.

The result is this Red Hot Bamboo Coral Sticks Necklace and Earring Set. Thanks, Aunt Kathy! There’s no way anybody could look at this set and call it boring.

Of course, I’m going to continue to do what I love. But, sometimes it’s worth it to just keep it simple.

Tell me what you think of the set…

3 thoughts on “A Red Hot Cyber Monday

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