Kiss My Funky Pinky Ring

This one is so cute, they’ll want to kiss it!

I must say that I have truly been inspired by Inspiration MyCreation, because she always posts pictures of the most amazing rings! I really love rings, but until recently, haven’t been making very many. Now, I’m completely hooked.

Last weekend, I went crazy for all-things-rings. The first of the collection ended up a little smaller than I anticipated, because I didn’t consider how much of the original size-6 design would be eaten away by the coiling I used on the band.

No matter, though. Because it fits perfectly onto a pinky finger. And, ladies with extra dainty hands can rock this size-5 gem on other fingers. But, it really is cute on the pinky finger. Especially, if you have an earthy style.

So, get this one and prepare to have everyone kiss the ring!


3 thoughts on “Kiss My Funky Pinky Ring

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