Thanksgiving Week Begins With Beaded Earrings

Wow, it’s already here…Thanksgiving week.  I swear it feels like we just said Happy New Year a hot minute ago. And now, my mother is asking me about the desserts I’m going to make for our annual feast.

I’ve had jewelry on the brain so much, I haven’t even contemplated this year’s dessert menu despite the fact that it is my responsibility to end our Thanksgiving dinner with a delicious bang. I know my mother is going to come correct, and I had better not disappoint!

Nonetheless, I did no cooking or planning. But, I did make these cute earrings! I think they would go just as great with a pair of jeans as a cute dress. I’m going to make a version for myself.

I was quiet this past weekend, because I wanted to make sure I had gotten my “jewelry fix” in enough time to still get my act together for Thanksgiving. You’ll be seeing the fruits of my labor all week.

Now, I’m going to stop by Le Zoe Musings to see if she posted any great recipes for my dessert menu.

Happy Week!

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