Desert Flower Movie Inspires Funky Necklace Design

This was my first attempt at a more avant-garde design.

I was taking a break from jewelry making over the weekend, and started watching the movie, Desert Flower. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth an order from Netflix. It’s about Waris Dirie, a Somali woman who treks across the desert at age 13 to escape her father, who promised an older man that she would be his fourth wife. She managed to get to her relatives in Mogadishu, and they sent her to England. She eventually launched a career as a supermodel and then wrote an autobiography that brought international attention to the plight of women forced to endure female circumcision.

The movie was truly an emotional and inspirational journey. But, you can’t make a movie about a supermodel and not include some fashion. One scene depicted a fashion show in which Miss Waris (played by Liya Kebede) wore a dress that inspired me to make today’s featured piece.

The dress that inspired today’s necklace

I mean, really! Look at this dress. It’s absolutely bangin’! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough black-and-white or white beads to achieve as much of the zebra effect as I wanted. I compensated with the black-dyed bamboo sticks. The agate stones give the nice pops of color, just like you see in the dress (although I did tweak the color a bit).

The stones and glass beads are wired together to form an awkward bib design. I think this necklace really came out funky. It’s the closest thing to avant-garde that I’ve ever done, especially with the funky blocks of coiled wire links.

What do you think? Did I do this fantabulous dress any justice?

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