Agate Stones Sizzle in This Design

The blue and natural agate stones are just perfect.

Yeah, I went silent this past weekend. I promised that it would be a wire-wrapping three days, and it was. Check out this design! I’ll probably have to make a spin-off for my own personal stash.

This piece began with just the stones. I was thinking about making a chunky three-strand design using the big stones against some very basic wood beads. But, when I put it all together, it was boring.

So, I scrapped that idea and pulled out some chain. I really didn’t have a lot left to work with, so I knew I had to be creative. And, that’s where the wire came in.

I made wire sections for the two natural agate stones first. Then, I added the chain sections and attached the blue agate stone and an orange-dyed howlite nugget. I had a little bit of chain left, so I divided it into small sections to create an additional decorative element to the focal, which hangs 6.5 inches. The focal also features those beads I talked about that seem to go so well with everything.

I did all of this coiling by hand. It takes a while, but it is so worth it.

I still needed to finish this piece, and I was out of chain. So, I formed coiled wire loops with a zig-zag wire design. They added about another inch to both sides, but the necklace still was too short.

So, I grabbed the wooden chips. I wanted two strands of them on each side as much for decoration as to add strength to the necklace. Crystals were used to complete the final sections and I added a brass lobster clasp.

The matching earring uses the same coiled wire technique.

Of course, I had to make matching earrings. These hang about 2.5 inches and feature the same zig-zag coil design.

I started on another piece that I will finish tonight. Stay tuned on that one.

I like this one because it looks like it would go perfectly with so many outfits. With what kind of outfit would you wear this piece?


Tell me how you feel about it

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