A Wire Wrapping Weekend

The really funny thing about starting an online jewelry business is that you spend so much time handling the business side of things, you barely have time to make any new designs. Well, thank God it’s Friday, and I can spend this entire three-day weekend making pretty stuff. And, I just found out that the Cincinnati Bengals game is blacked out for us hometown folks. So, I don’t foresee any interruptions to my creative time.

Last weekend, I had a ball making a wire-wrapped Rock Crystal Pendant Necklace. I think it turned out beautifully. So, I’m going to work on some more pendants, because wire wrapping is so much fun and every design is unique.

I used a ring mandrel to form the silver wire links in the beautiful Red Lampwork Glass Pendant Necklace featured today. One of the things I like most about this piece is its strength. The wire-wrapped links make it virtually baby proof! If you happen to be holding one, the little cutie would have to have Bamm-Bamm strength to get it off your neck. And, if he did, you would be way more worried about your neck than the necklace…trust me! 

I have a ton of shells that I collected during my trip to Puerto Rico with my sister back in 2008. To date, I’ve only made one necklace out of that stash, and it’s time to make some more. I’m going to see how creative I can be with designing pendants to add to handmade wire links. I can’t wait to show you the results next week!

Have a great Friday!

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