Shouts Out To New Blogger Friends

Okay, today will be quick because I truly need to get to work. Last night, I spent some time browsing other bloggers’ sites on WordPress. I found some folks I had to bookmark and share with you.

Be sure and check out le zoe musings. The author packs the site with recipes, fashion info, beautiful photos and so much more.

I also found a site called stilettosandstatements. This lady is a stylist and shares advice to keep you looking good on the outside and feeling good inside.

Miss Naturaleehappee is on a vegan journey. I love her site because she always takes pictures of her recipes and they motivate me to add healthier foods to my diet.

Yesterday, my friend at Line, Form, Colour, Texture had a picture of an African Cloth that was stunning! She always showcases the best African art.

You have to check out Bucket List Publications. There are so many great stories about travel and adventure. And, this is another one with great photos.

Another great read was created by my very own sister and superhero, Shelly. This exceptional lady is an Ironman and has created an organization to motivate women of color to adopt healthier lifestyles through the sport of triathlon. Amazing right? Check her out at

Now, back to me…I added this Lavendar Beaded Necklace and Earring Set to my store today. Check out and enjoy your day!

Oh, and if you haven’t already, please follow my blog.

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