Loving the Two-Needle-Right-Angle Weave Technique

The center beading design was created using the two-needle-right-angle weave technique. Cool huh?

I have lots of jewelry magazines, such as BeadStyle, Beadwork, Bead & Button and Step By Step Wire Jewelry. Each one is packed with design ideas and, more importantly, instructions that have helped me hone my skills over the years.

One afternoon, I came across a design that featured the two-needle-right-angle-weave technique. You basically weave beads together as you string them on beading thread. I thought the technique looked promising enough, and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

To give the design its vintage-looking style, I added a brass pendant and used brass wire to attach river shell beads. The strands are unique and feature river shell beads of different shapes and sizes to give the vintage vibe a modern edge.

You like? I call it, Sew Vintage Looking.

This one is called, Sew Vintage Looking.

Tell me how you feel about it

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