I Almost Kept This One for Me

This Wire Wrapped Agate Necklace almost ended up in my own collection. I love it!

I found this agate slice about three years ago at a shop in a Cincinnati suburb. I thought the piece was gorgeous, but I didn’t know what to do with it. So, I just tucked it away among my other supplies.

Over the weekend, I decided to try and work with this natural beauty and create a pendant. I wrapped five pieces of brass wire together and then shaped the wire around the agate to form the pendant. I tried to imitate the agate’s natural grain with the wire design.

I used a very fine brass wire to add additional crystals and help secure the agate in place.

I tried to imitate the natural grain in the agate with the wire.

To complete the design, I had a few of these beautiful ceramic beads with a nice blue-turquoise color. They complement the agate piece perfectly.

Aside from the fact that I think this necklace is BANGIN’, I really like its strength. Each link is wired together, so you’ll have to be extremely strong to pull this one apart. This one will be around for the ages.


Simply gorgeous!

2 thoughts on “I Almost Kept This One for Me

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