Look, Matching Earrings!

Kinda Tribal Earrings

I prefer making necklaces over earrings. For me, they’re just more interesting and fun to make. But, like my sister, not everybody is into them as much as I am. So, I try to keep earring designs in mind for the Junebug Collection.

I usually make a pair for the necklaces I create, but I don’t always post them online. Bilenda, my first Etsy customer, had no idea she was getting a matching pair for her necklace, The Brain.

I wanted to take this day to shout out some of the matching sidekicks to my necklaces. I’ll start with the ones I recently uploaded to my store.

I, Dainty Robot Necklace and Earring Set

I, Dainty Robot Necklace and Earring Set

I couldn’t make I, Dainty Robot without a matching pair of earrings. Most likely, if you went to the store and found a pair to complement one of the components in the necklace, then the style would probably be off. So, I made these cute dangling ear-bobs to match. They really work well together and keep the robot vibe going. 

Beyond Thunderdome Set

Chain and Bamboo Tribal Necklace and Earring Set

Yesterday, I showed you the Beyond Thunderdome Necklace and Earring Set. I used a simple gunmetal chain to add some flair to a circle of beige wooden beads. The necklace really wouldn’t look right if you had too much going on with your ears. So, I kept these very simple.


Kinda Tribal Earrings

Kinda Tribal Earrings

When I finished making the Kinda Tribal necklace, I wanted to make a matching pair of earrings. What I came up with is an adorable pair. But, I would not recommend wearing these earrings with the Kinda Tribal necklace. You would be doing way too much! Plus, these work just fine on their own.Okay, now it’s time to get back to jewelry making. Talk to you tomorrow.

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