Shouts Out to Another Happy Customer

Janet sports a Junebug Original.

Check out Janet, another happy customer and a true Junebug Stylebug, just like Bilenda.

Janet is sporting a three-strand necklace I made a few years ago that uses a variety of colorful, earthy beads. I didn’t have a design in mind when I was making it. I just was playing with all the beads on my design board, and this is how they came together.

On two of the strands, the beads are randomly arranged. I just tried to balance the colors and shapes. One strand is consistent from end to end and features gold beads that make it look like a chain when you see it from a distance.

Janet’s Junebug is really nice!

I didn’t take the best shot of them, but if you look closely, you can see the matching earrings I made.

Thanks, Janet! You wear your Junebugs well.

And, so can you!

Tell me how you feel about it

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