My First Etsy Customer Looks Fabulous

The lovely Bilenda sporting “The Brain is Such a Smart Necklace.”

Last week, I made my very first sale on Etsy to a lovely lady named Bilenda. Just look at her in all her fabulosity as she models The Brain is a Smart Necklace, which also included a cute pair of earrings. She actually had no idea I was throwing in the earrings.

You can see the necklace a little better in this shot.

In fact, Bilenda is the proud owner of TWO Junebug originals, as she also purchased I Love a Turquoise Necklace. Thanks, Bilenda!

You, too, can be the proud owner of a Junebug Original Design. Visit the store today!

I actually made this design with a piece of coral reef that washed up in Puerto Rico.

This is the “I Love a Turquoise Necklace” design that Bilenda purchased.

4 thoughts on “My First Etsy Customer Looks Fabulous

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