Just Giving It All Away

As I mentioned on my About page, I took my first jewelry class about five years ago. But, I’m just getting around to selling it. It’s not like I wasn’t making designs all these years. Trust me, I’ve got plenty.

But, selling jewelry is almost like having a second job. And, my full-time job gives me quite enough to do. I didn’t want to come home in the evenings and handle more business. I just wanted to make pretty things and take my mind off of what I would be facing the next work day.

This is probably my mother’s favorite Junebug piece. She wears this one the most.

Meanwhile, the jewelry accumulated. So, I gave a bunch of it away. My mother has probably been my biggest beneficiary. She seems to get a new necklace and earring set whenever a gift is required. So, between Christmas, her birthday and Mother’s Day, she won’t need any new jewelry for the rest of her life.

My sister also has her own treasure chest of Junebug Designs. In fact, the first installment of Feathers for Earrings was created for her (and, since I never got around to sending them to her, they ended up in my online store).

This is one of the designs I gave to my sister.

My friend Lucretia got a piece I really enjoyed making.

This is my friend Lucretia wearing a cute turquoise design I gave her.

I used brass wire and turquoise-dyed howlite nuggets to create a nice three-strand choker. It was the perfect accessory for an all-girls trip to Belize to celebrate my 40th.

My cousin got one of my earlier designs.

I gave this to my cousin and didn’t even realize the large green nuggets were real turquoise.

It featured authentic green turquoise nuggets. I was such an amateur when I made the necklace that I didn’t even know that I was giving away real turquoise. But, she is more than worth it.

I gave this design to my aunt in New Orleans.

And, my aunt got my first wire-wrapped design. It took me forever to do all the coils by hand.

I can’t tell you how many other pieces I’ve just given away. And, every time I would give one out, the happy recipients all asked the same thing, “When are you going to start selling your jewelry. This has to be an expensive hobby.”

Yeah, it can be. But, I get a lot back in return, considering how gratifying it is to create something that other people love. It is fantastic to know that I don’t have to buy jewelry for myself anymore. I can just make what I want. I love getting compliments when I’m wearing my own pieces. I am truly tickled when people ask, “Where did you get that,” just so I can reply, “I made it.”

Another early design given to my sister, Shelly.

However, I now understand the wisdom behind the persistent question about when I would start selling. And, that’s why I finally decided to create my online jewelry store and use this blog to share the story behind each creation.

In addition, I have finally accepted the responsibility that goes along with having a store. So, I’m happy to get up a little earlier, stay up later and back off some of the stupid reality shows I shouldn’t be watching anyway.

I don’t even remember who got this one. This also might be in my sister Shelly’s treasure chest of Junebug jewels.

Now, my biggest problem is taking quality photos. But, I got a crafter’s guidebook to photography recently, so I’m going to use the weekend to make a light box and shoot each piece again.

Fingers crossed on my ability to replace all my images with more professional-looking shots. From everything I’ve read, photography is one of the most important aspects of selling jewelry online.

But, I would be lying if I said I’d rather be taking pictures of pieces I’ve already made than creating new designs.

You can weigh in next week and tell me if I hit my photography target. We shall see.

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