Today’s Jewelry Spotlight – Color Drops with Sculpted Silver Wire and Tiger Eye

I had these wonderful vibrant chunks of color that I wanted to arrange as if they were stones along a walkway. But, when I placed them on my silver wire, mean-old gravity rearranged them in ways that just didn’t work for me. And, in the words of Tamar Braxon, that ain’t hot!

But, after a few tries, I managed to sculpt the wire in a manner that provided backing to the chunks of color…keeping them all exactly where I want them to be.

With so much color in the hand-crafted pendant, I didn’t want to distort the necklace by adding too much color to the strands. So, I opted to complete the design with chips of tiger eye.

According to the Gemstone Dictionary, tiger eye is supposed to invoke patience, focus and determination. It is also said to attract money into your life. And, who doesn’t want that?