The Origins of Junebug Designs – Handcrafted, One-of-A-Kind Jewelry

This photo came from one of my favorite scenes in the movie, Apocalypto. Check out his neck piece. That is AWESOME!

Five years ago, I signed up for a basic jewelry class. I had always been curious about the craft, and just wanted to learn a cool hobby.
Since then, I’ve been hooked, and jewelry making is now my go-to stress reducer. I love the idea of creating accessories exactly the way I want, whenever I want. The fact that others find them attractive enough to want to buy is a huge bonus.

This is a pic from The Tudors, Season 4. Can’t remember which Henry VIII wife this one is, but I love her necklace.

When I watch television, I’m usually paying as much – if not more – attention to the jewelry actors are wearing as the dramas they convey. The styles I like are the ones that grab your attention. It doesn’t matter what era they came from. I love the elaborate neck pieces worn by all the warriors in Apocalypto as much as the necklaces the women from shows like The Tudors, The Borgias and Spartacus wear.

I’m going to miss Lucy Lawless’ character, Lucretia, on Spartacus. Her jewelry was always nice!

I also like flipping through fashion magazines and designing pieces that I would want to wear with the garments I like. I’m pretty much a necklace girl, and do earrings too, because I know how hard it can be to find the perfect match.

I usually combine techniques, so you’ll see plenty of pieces that incorporate wire, sewing or more elaborate stringing designs. I pretty much like to mix it up, and I feel like I’m just getting warmed up!

I appreciate you stopping by and I hope that you enjoy my blog. Please be sure to come back often and tell a friend. And, don’t forget to browse my creations in my online store.

If you are interested in a custom design or want more information about any of the items in the shop, please contact me at

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